Carol Garza

After researching flooring for what seems like a little over two years on the best flooring for a patient with respiratory issues. Mazz and Ashley at Fantastic Floors in Cedar Park Tx are so amazing, they are a great team who took the time to take care of our flooring needs during a busy time in our lives such as a double lung transplant journey. Mazz took time after to come personally to the house to get correct measurements and both Ashley and Mazz helped us with the best possible prices for flooring a lung patient to have the best flooring in order to meet with the transplant team specifications. Ashley and Mazz helped us with their knowledge and experience in flooring and they also worked well with our busy schedule and unexpected things that happen in Transplant world
Mazz and Ashley knew what flooring is safe for a lung transplant patient to achieve best outcomes in the house.

We highly recommend them. they are awesome people and honest folks who go the extra mile to make sure everything is done well !!