Cory Wilburn

My wife and I went to Fantastic Floors after getting quotes from 4 other flooring companies. When we walked in on a Saturday afternoon Kevin greeted us. He and the owner took their time and went out of their way to help us identify the right flooring product to meet our needs. We were very nervous about getting just the right color and selecting a product that was durable and would look great. They brought the samples we were most interested in over and set up a miniature recreation of our home’s color scheme to help us pick the right product. They were very polite and respectful and there was never any pressure put on us. Kevin came out the next week to measure our home. He showed up on time, and was prompt and polite.

When we received the estimate it was fair. The price fell right in the middle of the five quotes we received. We delayed our decision for about a month and then eventually decided to go with Fantastic Floors because they were adamant about their great installation team and they promised that they would make sure that we would be happy with the final outcome of the project.

The installation team came out and Kevin was right…they were great. They were fast and thorough. They did quality work, going the extra mile to get the job done right. They cleaned the job site as much as they could when they left each night in order to minimize the disruption on my family. When they installed the flooring they were careful and thoughtful, mixing and matching the pieces to ensure that the floor did not have a repeating pattern. My lone complaint with them was the baseboards. I paid extra to have new baseboards installed because my wife and I do not like the shoe molding that is put down if you don’t do new baseboards. The baseboard work left a little to be desired. It was not bad, but also not great. I would give the installation team an A+ for the flooring installation, an A+ for their contentiousness and they way they respected my home, and a B for the baseboards.

Once the installation team left I had one outstanding issue with the job. I called Kevin and after each of us made our case about who was responsible, Kevin and the owner worked with us to find a solution. The final work is being completed as I write this. All in all we spent over $10K on our project. It was expensive, but the floors are beautiful. I’d rate the outcome of the project a 9/10 and the overall experience 8/10. I went with 5 stars out of respect to Fantastic Floors for their professionalism and their effort to work with us. We would consider them again in the future.