Laura M.

If you’re looking for flooring, there are a ton of options out there. I know because I think I looked at them all! From my experience, here are some reasons to choose Fantastic Floors.

  1. You want a great price. As I searched through several shops in Cedar Park, Georgetown, and north Austin, trying to find the perfect vinyl plank flooring, I found Fantastic Floors to have very competitive pricing on all the flooring I was interested in.
  2. You want someone to take their time with you. Ashley and Mazz were amazing to work with because they gave me tons of options. I went in with a specific look in mind, and I hadn’t found it ANYWHERE else. Seriously, warm, light colored vinyl shouldn’t be such a unicorn. Ashley happily helped me search the store several times over a period of 2 months, pulled out options for me, talked with me about my vision for the space on multiple occasions, let me take samples from the store to view at my house, and never seemed bothered when I came back saying, “This all was too gray in my house lighting, let’s start over.” This lady put in the work!
  3. You want someone who is honest. I had a LOT of questions. Usually Ashley had the answers, but when she didn’t, she went and did the research and got back to me. That meant a ton to me! Several other places I shopped at would give me pat answers to my VERY specific questions, and I just had that feeling you get when someone is glossing over your questions for the sake of the sale. Ashley never did that! If she felt like a floor wasn’t a good fit for me, she would tell me and tell me why.
  4. You want someone to work within your budget and not upsell you. Once I finally picked a floor, Ashley and Mazz were great about giving me  options to bring down the price. My husband is very handy and at first we were going to install the floors ourselves. This team gave us a great price on just the materials. After our purchase of the floors and before our scheduled pickup, we changed our minds about doing it ourself and asked for an installation quote. Ashley provided me a quick quote, and within 3 days of agreeing to the installation price, we had the installer at our door with our materials ready to install. Considering we had 1400 sq ft to install, this was really impressive. Not only did they have a fast turnaround time and were flexible with the changes, but Ashley was genuinely happy for me, knowing how the installation was going to be such a blessing in the midst of our current situation. There wasn’t an ounce of self-serving in her attitude. Knowing that my husband is handy, she gave us options of still doing certain elements ourselves and removed them from the installation price; specifically the quarter-round trim and the toilet installation in the guest bath.

Overall, I’m really happy with my experience and so EXTREMELY in love with my floors. They ended up being exactly what I envisioned for my home, so all the time and effort was worth it!